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Welcome to Ecumen Awakenings™

Ecumen Awakenings™ is working to transform America’s culture of care for people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.  Awakenings improves lives and care experiences while achieving the optimum benefits and balance of non-pharmacological and biomedical approaches.  Offered by leading non-profit Ecumen, Awakenings is an empowering, collaborative approach to care that honors one’s individuality and abilities while enriching lives. 

This collaboration of the person, care professionals, physicians, pharmacists and loved ones often leads to reduction or elimination of antipsychotic medication use and prevents many people from moving to antipsychotics, which carry significant health risks for older adults.  “Awakenings” occur as behavioral symptoms decrease and one’s abilities and personality emerge.

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Ecumen's Awakenings program involves the replacing of psychotrophic drugs with exercise, aromatherapy, and one-on-one attention. Minneapolis NBC affliate KARE 11 News featured one of Ecumen's communitues, North Branch, in this great story.