This Painfully Realistic Dementia Simulation Lets You Feel What It’s Like

A newly patented program lets caregivers experience firsthand what it’s like to have dementia. Watch how this Virtual Dementia Tour quickly builds empathy by vividly simulating the deep sense of confusion associated with dementia.  ABC News reporter Cynthia MacFadden tells about the “12 minutes that changed by life.”


Rock ‘n Roll Superstar Bobby Vee, now 70, Battles Alzheimer’s With Faith, Grace — and Music

Three years ago, Bobby Vee started forgetting the lyrics to the hit songs he had performed thousands of times since the height of his career in the 1960s.  Alzheimer’s was stealing his memory.  But not his spirit. 

Deciding he was going to live every day to the fullest doing what he loved, Bobby and his family found comfort in music as they jammed together.   An album of Bobby’s favorites evolved, and it has just been released.


Watch Astonishing Evidence of What Music Can Do for Alzheimer’s Patients

Henry, an advanced Alzheimer’s patient who barely speaks, literally comes to life in this video clip dramatically documenting how music can bring back memories and engagement. The clip is excerpted from “Alive Inside,” a documentary film that recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s uplifting, touching and hopeful.


An Ecumen Consultant’s Quest To Make Sense of Dementia

Tom Stober, an expert on process and efficiency, was routinely going about his work one day when he walked into a room and came face-to-face with something that “shook me to the core.”  It was not logical.  It was not rational.  The normal rules of organization did not apply.  On some deep level, it rocked his orderly world.

It was a memory care community, where residents with dementia live.


MacPhail and Ecumen Team Up For Dementia Music Therapy Program

The Minnesota State Arts board recently awarded MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis a grant of $96,690 to support music therapy for seniors with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, and Ecumen Centennial House in Apple Valley is one of the sites selected for the program.



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